Bullying…a form of abuse to someone who’s apparently weak. 

One of my friends confessed to us that she’s been bullied since she’s little. She’s been called fat-ass, lard-o and thunder thighs. She’s even locked in a dark room, while the bully yelling from the other side of the door, “I’ll let you out when you stop being fat!!! I guess you’ll stay there forever.” —made me cry…that’s a horrible, traumatising experience. 

Her body is changed now. She got cheekbones, muscles, flat stomach, clear and soft skin. But according to her, something is still missing—the confidence. 

We told her that she’s beautiful inside and out, and her body is perfect. We hugged her…wishing that’s enough for her to believe and love herself. 

I know it’s hard for her. Yes, she could build muscle, but not confidence. There were no exercise for that. 

I really hope and pray that she’ll find that small light to peel away that self-loathing and feel the acceptance and self-love. 

Everyone deserves respect. So, if you have no kind words, then say no words at all. 


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