I’m not dramatizing my relationship with him…

Yes, we like drama ha-ha!

We rant and fight, then realize that neither of us is that as bad as we say…

Not even close!!

We always give each other a hard time (wait! He always gives me a hard time🙊)…

But there are times when he’s really perfect…


Those times when I was really moody and it seems like it didn’t affect him or whatsoever, like he remained calm and nonchalant about it 😂


Let me give him a review🙊

1. Is he your best friend

  • YES. He makes me feel comfortable. And yes, we started as friends. Hence,  our relationship is totally based on friendship first.
  • I can open up and vent to him, and I think vice versa.

2. Does he invest his time with you?

  • Uh-oh🙊😂Oh well, yes…like he wake up in the morning, and the first thing he does is greeting me good morning and say “I love you so much”, then before going to bed, he’ll say his “Goodnight and I love you so much.”  Cheesy? Ha-ha! But I think it does mean that I’m on his mind all the time😍. So yeah,  the answer to this is YES (I just hope he’ll invite me more to watch films with him🙊😂). 

3. Does he trust you, 100%?

  • YES. Cos I’m trustworthy😂🙌❤ Seriously, it’s because I’m worth it of his trust, I don’t give him reason not to trust me (like he does :/ Ha-ha!)

4. Is he a man of his words?

  • Umm, that’s so hard to answer haaa!! Well, he needs to prove himself to be a keeper. He has to understand that actions speak louder than words. 

5. Does he find you beautiful?

  • Alwaaaaays!! Even during my bad hair days, and even during my #IFeelSoUgly days…dunno if he’s lying, but he always finds me beautiful. Isn’t it sweet? Haaa!

6. Does he know how to make you smile/laugh?

  • Definitely YES. Actually, he can make me do anything.

7. Do you feel safe with him?

  • YES. He’s my sanctuary, I just wanna be with him…forever. 

8. Does he make you a better person?

  • YES. He helps and motivates me to grow. I learned a lot from him, good things (and bad too😂), that’s useful for my daily adventure. 

9. Are you the love of his life? Does he know that?

  • YES! Cos he always reminds me whenever he gets the chance. And he always says that he’ll never risk losing me (I hope it’s true🙊😂). 

So, how’s my boyfriend? Do you think he’s superlative? Am I the lucky one? 


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