He’s different than the rest….

It’s this connection that neither of us can deny is there…

He loves me with all my flaws and craziness, and I love him with all his flaws and craziness too…

Together we are learning from each other, making each other better…

I see the future with him.

We’ve shared late night conversations, and learned that not everyone leaves you…

He broke my walls, and I’m vulnerable. But for the first time, it didn’t scare me like I used to…

We’ve shared our insecurities…

We know that we aren’t perfect human being…

We’ve made mistakes, but we forgave each other and still love each other for all of it—because what we have in common is knowing that what we have is the best thing that has ever happened to one another. 

We’ve wondered how we will live without each other.

People might not understand till they experience something similar themselves…but they’ll will surely know with certainty, once they’ll meet someone like they’ve been waiting their entire life to meet this special someone. 


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