Love is a word everyone throws around…

It’s gotten so over-used with stuff that it’s losing its true purpose…

Love is whenever you’re sad and the person you love pop into your head, then all your troubles go away…they simply put a smile on your face without even trying…

They make your stomach tingle and your heart flutter…

And even just the thought of them with someone else makes you wanna throw up or die—that’s what love means

It means you can’t live without them. That once they’re gone forever, there’s a hole in your heart and it can never be filled—that’s what love is. 

Another true meaning of love is your parents love for you…

You love your parents because they have been there with you through everything…they take care of you…and If they’ve left, you’d be broken inside. 

I’m glad that my parents are strict because I realized that they love me and care about me. 

If your parents are giving you a tough love, it doesn’t mean they don’t care about you. In fact, it means they’re trying to make you grow and mature. 

Give them credit and love your parents. And of course the people around you. 

And yeah, love yourself too❤


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