He completes me. He’s the guy I promised the past me that would come some day to make me happy with.

Nothing can separate us except our self ignorances, but we can surely learn to fight that.

I love him so damn much. He makes me the happiest person on planet earth, cos he’s all I need to live and be happy.

He’s one of the major reason why I keep going with hope, he’s my motivation to do better, and to someday be the perfect woman for him…

The kind of woman that is there to hold him when he’s alone or sad…

The type of woman that will try her damn hardest to make him feel better whenever he feel that inescapable sadness…

The type of woman that will make him feel more loved and appreciated…

I want to be the reason he’s happy every day. 

I know he probably don’t need no woman to be there to help him when he falls, but damn, whenever he fall, I want to be there to catch him and hold him. 

I love him so much, he makes me feel so happy, in love, and complete. 

I don’t know where I’d be right now without him, but I know I’d be extremely sad cos he’s the only one that can handle/manage an emotional ass like me hahaha😂❤️, and I really love him for that. 


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