Not that it would matter

Ever experienced being dumped? 

It’s like a surprise…he’ll simply call you one day and tell you that it’s over. 

Then you’ll eventually try to console yourself with the facts that you both wanted a different things in life. And your partner wasn’t ready for the kind of commitment that you wanted.

Simple as that? Definitely no! 

Of  course you’ll spend weeks, months, or even years trying to figure out on why the  new person had been good enough to be with your ex. Where had you gone wrong? Had you been too pushy? Maybe too boring? Or… maybe simply not lovable?

Then of course you’ll think that it’ll be easier if you’ll meet someone else, but with every passing days, weeks, months or even years, you’ll find yourself wondering more and more about where all the good guys had gone. Or if they still exist. God knows. 

No matter what, don’t let your status define you.