Walking around, I just realized that this is the kind of city that I will never settle in for good. It’s too touristy, and it’s like the whole place had grown without proper planning haha!

Reading young people’s minds like me, I think it’s all about their plans for Friday night. An easy life? Yes! That’s exactly what they are doing…they’re trying to live a life thinking that hard decision isn’t necessary…that making a right choice is not important at all (especially if it involved extra work). Like why try to be productive, when you could be on the beach enjoying the sun?

Gosh, I wonder how many of these people even gave much thought to the lives that they’re going to lead. 

Me, I always thought about the future all the time. Instead of displaying my life thru social media, I always focus myself with my business…living a life my dad taught me how. Unlike most of the teenagers here, I have plans. 

Not fun? Sometimes…but there’s a natural grace in what I’m doing, and I really appreciate it—I still feel a frisson of excitement at the thought of my future. 

Am I doing the right thing?


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