A perfect relationship? Nah, it doesn’t exist…ever. We always have to bend, compromise, or even give something up in order to achieve something greater. 

There are times that we try each other’s patience—and I’m sure we have plenty. 

Maybe the love we have for each other is quite bigger than all these small differences. And that’s the important thing…love is the biggest piece. 

Love can make up for a lot. 

Yes, there a times when I felt that love is just a sham. But then I realized that it’s unfair for me to believe that just because my past relationship didn’t last…after all, it doesn’t make it a total wash cos I had many good memories with it—there are times when I was happy. 

Yes, I failed…oh no, scratched that. I shouldn’t think that it’s a failure. It would be worse if I haven’t tried to love at all.


It’s all about the small things—where are those? 🙃


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