While sitting in Starbucks…

“I’ll tell you what I like about you,” he said…

“Mhmm,” I replied…

“Well, it’s obvious that you’re beautiful, and I have  to admit that was what got my attention when I first saw you. Then your confidence, and how you act like you couldn’t give less of a shit whether a guy talk to you or not.”

“Cheesy,” I replied…

“Nah, I’m serious. A girl like you has a colorful layers of personality and emotions,” he said. 

“Ugh! I think that’s a bad thing,” I replied. 

“Why’s that a bad thing?” he asked. 

“Hmm, dunno..” I replied…

“Your turn,” he said

“Whaaa? Duuuh!” I replied

“Hahaha (he laughed)…actually it doesn’t matter anyway why you like me”


“No?” He asked

“Nope” I replied 

Then we both laughed 😂😂

#HeIsSoAdorable hahaha😂


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