The whole things was strange. The entire time we’ve been together, that I thought we had the amazing connection, right from the start. Well, I knew we really did.”

“I, um…just don’t feel it anymore,” he said. 

“What? Why not?” Gosh, he couldn’t be serious. 

“I don’t know.” He said. 
He said time, situation, is just overwhelming that it won’t really work. That he doesn’t think it was a good idea…Blah blah blah…

I was shocked and devastated…

How was that possible? The love of my life, the guy who said he loved me. Who said I’m his world, I’m his everything…

And then suddenly it was over…

Wow! Ugh! It was the worst horrible feeling I’ve ever felt in my entire existence.

I cried rivers of tears. 

“I still love you. But I just have to do this, is all.” He said. 

“We could maybe…be friends?” He said. 

Was he serious? Like really?!? In what crazy universe would a girl who’s been hurt and dumped still wanna be friends with a guy who freaking dumped her?!?

I was like, “I’m sorry I can’t.”

To make the story short…

We said our goodbyes…

In my mind, I wanna beg him…”Please don’t go.” I wanted him to be with me forever. I wanted him to say that he was still mine. That I’m the only girl he wanted, the girl who could make him happy and make his life complete. I wanted him to say that we belong together, forever. But…

He left me…

I was completely alone. 


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