This song 😍❤️…what a beautiful song.

He said he wanna sing this song with me, 

Not gonna lie, it got me so excited. 

I love watching him when he sang the song…

I watched him from the beginning till the end of the song…

Trying to memorize the slope of his nose, the shape and curves of his cheeks, the beautiful shape of his lips…

I realized that he’s one of the most gorgeous boys, aaaand he picked me😱🙊

Wow, it’s really flattering🙈❤️. 

After he finished singing, he sat next to me. And puts one earbud in my ear while the other in his…And said, “this song is for you, thanks for inspiring me everyday.”

He’s so romantic. 

My fears and worries were gone. I can’t believe that a guy like him exist, a guy who doesn’t get freaked out by strong emotions cos he’s pretty emotional and romantic himself. 

He said, “This song is beautiful like you.”

I melted again. I didn’t reply. I was speechless. 

Then he said, “I don’t know what exact words to tell you, and how to tell you about how I feel about you. So I always try to find a song to help me.”

I said “thank you,” and I told him that I really appreciate his words, love and care. That if it’s just easy for me to give him my heart, I gonna do it in a heartbeat. 

He said I’m the sweetest person he’ve ever known. Like really?!? Am I that sweet?!?🙈❤️

He asked me to put my head on his chest, 

I ignored…

Gosh, hearing his breathing while listening to the music will definitely kill me🙈❤️

I felt his fingers through my hair, then he whispered my name…

I was like, “yeah?”

He said, “I love you”

Oh God, I wish it’s easy for me to answer that back…

I just looked at him. He was glowing. Ugh, just looking at him was kinda breathtaking…

How could this feel so good?


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