Well, I don’t know if it’s appropriate to discuss it here…but I’m imagining the thrill of putting his hands on me for the first time. I think I’ll get that shivery feeling in my stomach lol🙈🙊

But yeah, no matter what…

I shouldn’t forget that I must always be the one to control on how far things go. That it’s all up to me to protect what’s mine. 

What I’m trying to emphasize is that we, ladies should be careful, like we should treat it like a matter of life and death. 

I mean, it’s our bodies, and it’s ours to enjoy (😂😂can’t believe I said that) and to protect. 

So for me, whoever I choose to partake in that enjoyment, I’ll make sure that I gonna choose wisely. I know I sound corny or pathetic, but maybe it’s just me and my principle, that every man that ever got to touch me will afford an honor and a privilege. 

So yeah, I’ll assure myself that not just any fool lad can approach the golden throne. 

I will never do any more than I wanna do.


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